Gradyent tours Germany and Central Europe to share best practices

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In April and May 2022 Gradyent’s team made a round tour along District Heating Network Days in Germany, Poland and Czech organized by the local energy associations. We discussed the challenges and opportunities in district heating with industry professionals and experts and the key role digital can play.

What did we learn? 

  • Challenging times for district heating: the need for decarbonization is high, especially with current energy prices and many projects are on the roll. 
  • The opportunity of digital in this transformation has the district heating leaders’ interest and will soon increase further. 
  • We were impressed with the level of automation and data availability in networks. 
  • During the conference in Poland, Russia announced to shut off gas supply to this country.  
  • Implication is that coal will be used for a longer time. With rising CO2 and fuel prices, the need to optimize and look for alternative sources such as heat pumps and geothermal is pressing.   
  • In Germany, a federal government funding program is to be announced, meant to close the profitability gap between fossil fuels and renewable heat and stimulate the switch to renewable energies and the use of industrial waste heat in heating networks. 
  • Our cloud platform and team of experts can help create an actionable plan for this subsidy, as we enable district heating companies to optimize and decarbonize their systems with our real-time digital twin. 

We’re looking forward to continue to contribute to optimizing and decarbonizing district heating systems in these countries and beyond!  

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