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  • We’re pleased to set up an initial call or meeting to understand your needs


Gradyent QuickScan

  • We assess the potential of Gradyent for your network
  • Set up within a week and only takes 5 to 10 hours from your team
  • We present a fact-based improvement estimate and proposal to set up Gradyent for you


Rapid setup

  • We train our Gradyent AI on your historic data
  • We jointly set up data connections to your network
  • If needed we can provide hardware gateways to connect remote areas of your network
  • Up and running in 2 months


Optimize & save

  • Gradyent’s AI starts fully trained to provide operators with improvement recommendations on day 1
  • Over time AI learns deeper strategies, and adapts as your network expands and changes
  • Transparently improve efficiency over time vs targets your operators and asset managers set