Upgrade your District Heating grid
Future-proof your city

By enabling you to optimise, decarbonise and grow your District Heating system, we help you to take on the climate challenge and progress.

With our real-time Digital Twin Platform, we create a digital copy of your complete grid that runs in real-time. This comprehensive software solution lets you optimise your grid and run simulations of future situations. So you can improve performance, reduce CO2 emissions, save on operating costs and make smarter business decisions.


Making cities more sustainable for leading partners

Optimise, decarbonise
and grow your
District Heating grid

Lower your network’s temperature

Predict and optimise temperature levels. Control forward temperatures per source, buffer, substation or other location and enable integration of renewable low temperature heat sources.

Optimise sustainable

Find the optimal source production schedule (dispatch) across all assets and locations in your network and optimise conventional CHP’s (gas, coal or biomass) and boilers, or introduce lower temperature sources.

Design and simulate to progress

Enhance smart decision-making around the introduction of low carbon sources, system changes and extensions through analyses and realistic simulations of new designs.

Traditional District Heating software delivers only limited optimisation and simulation

Partial optimisation

Partial optimisation with tools focusing on either sources, hydraulics, or end users, but not the integrated view.

Low performance

Low performance with legacy core modules that lack computational power needed for large and complex DH systems.

Rigid models

Rigid models that can only be updated by means of extensive and costly efforts by external consultants.

Gradyent delivers a new level of optimisation & design by working across the entire system

  1. Single end-to-end solution

    Benefit from one comprehensive end-to-end solution, simulating the whole grid from production to network and end users in real-time.
  2. Built for scale and complexity

    Built for scale and complexity with proprietary hydraulic solvers & optimisers working at multi-core cloud systems.
  3. Always up-to-date model

    An always up to date model with efficient data loaders and high service SaaS.
  4. Optimise in real-time

    Optimise temperature, hydraulics, dispatch & peaks of your grid in real-time.
  5. Design and simulate the future

    Make impactful decisions by running simulations of future situations.

Easy integration
Real value

Measurable results and fast payback

Delivering the quantifiable value that you need from the start.

Guiding smarter business decisions

Accurate simulation and insights on network transformation.

Easy on your

Seamless integration with existing systems and minimal operator effort through automated control that works with limited data.

Better results
Right from the start

We've already successfully applied our real-time Digital Twin Platform to District Heating grids across Europe, with measurable results of up to:

Heat loss saving

CO2 emission reduction

Savings on fuel cost

Faster issue


Increased security
of heat supply

Our customers are reporting
strong and measurable outcomes

Reduction of grid temperatures

by live setpoint control of heat source and substations.

4-6 percent points improved profit

after live dispatch optimization of CHP/boiler systems.

Successful heat pump integration

after the system failed to operate for 2 years.

>€10M CAPEX reduction

after dynamic scenario modelling proved the pump station was redundant.

Let’s upgrade your District Heating grid

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