Powering the
heating transition
Making cities more sustainable

Solving the global climate challenge

Heat takes up roughly half the world’s growing energy consumption

And half of that heat is used to heat and cool buildings. Since urbanisation continues to increase, cities are a unique position to help solve the climate challenge. District Heating Grids are key to making the energy transition work.

We want to make cities more sustainable by enabling our clients

Together, we can make their District Heating Grids more intelligent and impactful. Our technology helps to optimise, decarbonise and grow District Heating Grids towards a more reliable and efficient operation.

District Heating Grids
need to transform

From high to
low temperatures

Low temperature systems are more efficient and help reduce CO2 emissions as well as minimising operational costs.

From few to multiple sustainable heat sources

Enabling your District Heating Grid to incorporate multiple new, more sustainable low temperature heat sources makes it future-proof.

Turning low efficiency into high efficiency

By optimising your complete District Heating system, overall performance and security of delivery from source to end users goes up while operational costs go down.

Traditional District Heating
software only delivers limited
optimisation and simulation

Partial optimisation

Partial optimisation with tools focusing on either sources, hydraulics, or end users, but not the integrated view.

Low performance

Low performance with legacy core modules that lack computational power needed for large and complex DH systems.

Rigid models

Rigid models that can only be updated by means of extensive and costly efforts by external consultants.

The impressive power
of our real-time
Digital Twin Platform

Single integrated modelling solution

Covering heat sources, users and the distribution network in between.

Maximise value from available data

Utilises a holistic approach from heat sources to end customers, emphasises combining different data sources, sensors and smart meters and creates a valuable Digital Twin based on even a limited set of data.

Smart physical

Combines both hydraulic and thermodynamic models, defines time lags and heat propagation and fills in the blanks with AI, based on available sensor data.

Fill in the blanks with AI

Optimises your network with Artificial Intelligence, employs rapid setup as AI learns from your historic network data, dynamically forecasts and optimises in real-time and automatically adapts as your network expands over time.

Leverage all real-time
Digital Twin Platform features
Get maximum value

Measurable results and fast payback

Delivering the quantifiable value that you need from the start.

Guiding smarter business decisions

Accurate simulation and insights on network transformation.

Easy on your organisation

Seamless integration with existing systems and minimal operator effort through automated control that works with limited data.

Making cities more sustainable for leading partners

What brings us together
is what sets us apart

Great team

We have built a multi-disciplinary team by offering a great environment where everyone can collaborate, grow and thrive.

Customer success

We drive direct impact for our customers with our product and service, optimising their gains.

Outstanding product

We deliver a powerful, real-time Digital Twin Platform. The perfect balance between a smart and scalable SAAS solution and smart engineering enablement.

Exponential growth

We develop high impact modules with a short go-to-market time span.

Let’s upgrade your District Heating Grid

Ready to optimise, decarbonise or grow your grid? We would love to set up a call, a meeting or give you a personal demo of our real-time Digital Twin Platform.


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