Euroheat & Power Conference: Empowering and engaging end users

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This June, our CEO, Hervé Huisman gave a presentation during the Euroheat and Power conference in Brussels where he shared his vision for empowering and engaging end users.

With the current gas challenges, it is more important than ever for district heating systems to become smarter, more efficient, and renewable-based. Digitalisation can play a key role in shaping the future of district heating.

Here are a few key takeaways relevant to district heating companies:

  • Digital heating networks need to transform: optimise, decarbonise, and grow.

  • The end user plays a role in the transformation: by shifting their heat demands, improving the in-building installations, and embracing district heating as a sustainable technology.

  • However, district heating companies need to take the maximum opportunity of optimising the systems before approaching the customer.

  • A real-time Digital Twin can help to reduce the demand peaks, with a 5-10% reduction of gas costs and no impact on the customer.

At the same conference Sanna Lankinen, IT Business Partner Helen, presented that Helen is making use of Gradyent's real-time Digital Twin platform to support their journey towards carbon neutrality.

Sanna Lankinen: “Digital twinning works really well for us. It helps us to understand the continuous operation of the network in various situations and gives us insight into what happens in the network after we stop using coal. You don’t need a lot of data and implementation can be rather quick and easy.”

Find the full keynote presentation below.

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