Envafors: Managing sector-coupled heating networks with Gradyent’s Digital Twin  

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Envafors, a Danish multi-utility company formed through a collaboration between NK-Forsyning and SK Forsyning, has been at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.  

Operating the 240GWh district heating network in Slagelse and 150GWh district heating network in Korsør, with a focus on transitioning from fossil fuels to biomass, Envafors has shown a commitment to providing clean, reliable heat to its growing customer base. 


Envafors is rapidly transforming, adding new connections and installing 10 MW heat pumps in both networks. These advancements bring increased efficiency but also new challenges due to growing system complexity.  

Envafors operates a complex production setup, where new heat pumps in Slagelse can directly acquire electricity from biomass-fired CHPs. However, volatile electricity markets may make market acquisition more cost-effective. Additionally, large heat accumulators in Slagelse and Korsør add complexity to optimal charging and discharging times.  

To maintain reliable and clean heat delivery, Envafors needs a system-level view, achievable through a Digital Twin solution. Recognising this need, Envafors partners with Gradyent, whose Digital Twin solution is trained on Envafors' data for an accurate representation of the heating system. 



Gradyent's solution, tailored to the company’s unique needs, creates a digital replica of the physical heating system.  

Envafors and Gradyent will first deploy the Digital Twin in the network in Korsør, then in Slagelse. It will be positioned in the central control room where operators manage both networks. Operators will receive optimal control recommendations through a secure connection to SCADA systems, fostering trust in the Digital Twin. This advancement aligns with Envafors' vision to ultimately automate its district heating systems. 


With the new heat pumps, we take the next step towards sustainable heat. Maximising the flexibility of the full system will be crucial for our operations. Gradyent has shown to be the only player that can deliver end-to-end optimisation of our district heating systems in a single software solution

Carsten Lunde
Head of District Heating at Envafors


Gradyent ensures the Digital Twin remains continuously updated and synchronised with real-life operations to provide optimal setpoints. This is crucial for Envafors, which aims to add 2000-3000 connections annually until 2030.  

Unlike previous software, Gradyent's Digital Twin operates on a modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, simplifying maintenance and operation. Placing the Digital Twin at the core of operations maximises efficiency amid ongoing system growth and transformation for Envafors. 

“The Danish heating market is rapidly changing and adapting to a new reality, where increasingly complex systems demand a new level of operational excellence. We’re very happy to enter into this long-term partnership with Envafors, again showing how vital digitalisation is in enabling sustainable transformation." 

Daniel Frank, Director Nordics & Baltics at Gradyent

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