Gasunie's long-term collaboration with Gradyent to decarbonise heating via WarmtelinQ 

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Gasunie is spearheading WarmtelinQ, one of the most ambitious and expansive sustainable energy infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. As the WarmtelinQ initiative continues through pipeline installation, the heating system will require a digital simulation and control solution for day-ahead nomination and daily operational management.  

Building on prior cooperation, the company picked Gradyent as its SaaS solution provider to supply the features WarmtelinQ needs for the next four years, with the option of extending it for up to ten years. 


As the WarmtelinQ initiative advances with pipeline installation, the heating system requires a digital simulation and control solution for day-ahead planning and daily operational management. Consequently, a European tender was issued to find the ideal partner.


Gradyent, having won the tender, established a long-term collaboration with Gasunie to develop a Digital Twin that will serve as the central simulation tool for creating day-ahead transport plans and enabling real-time monitoring and control of the network. 


Gasunie was looking for an innovative and knowledgeable solution and service provider for our ambitious WarmtelinQ initiative. We are happy to partner with Gradyent, who can fulfil all requirements with their solution and provide significant expertise and experience in heating at the same time.
Jasper Eijmers
New Business Integration Manager at Gasunie


The Digital Twin platform will offer real-time simulations for locations lacking measurements. It will also forecast network process conditions and provide guidance on new set points in case of deviations or for simulation model maintenance. 

In addition to serving as the simulation software for establishing the day-ahead transport plan, WarmtelinQ will use Gradyent’s Digital Twin for live operational monitoring and pump control optimisation. This solution will give operators a comprehensive overview of the network status and suggest the best alternatives when deviations occur from the expected behaviour. 

This capability ensures that WarmtelinQ can reliably execute heat transport and promptly correct any deviations throughout the day. Simultaneously, it minimises electricity costs for pumps through live pump control. 

As WarmtelinQ expands to include more cities in the network, Gradyent’s Digital Twin will seamlessly scale to accommodate the growth. 

“Gradyent is very proud to have been selected for this long-term collaboration with Gasunie, to jointly bring to life one of the most ambitious residual heat projects in the world.”  

Peter Hulshof, COO at Gradyent 

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