180+ experts attended webinar ''Accelerating the heating transformation"

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The district heating industry is undergoing significant changes, with shared challenges across cities, countries, and regions. To tackle the important topic of decarbonisation, knowledge exchange is key and should be fostered. On March 7, Gradyent hosted the webinar ''Accelerating the heating transformation'' about the importance of building resilience to drive progress toward decarbonisation. The webinar attracted more than 180 heating experts across Europe. Find the webinar recording and discover the 10 best practices for resilience building below.

Nordic countries have taken significant efforts in creating highly efficient and decarbonised district heating services within the European district heating landscape. This leadership position comes with a responsibility to share knowledge and guide others toward decarbonisation and growth. 

In order to collect and share this valuable knowledge, in January and February 2023, the Gradyent team conducted in-depth interviews among 17 district heating leaders in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden about their main challenges in the last heating season and the ways to navigate the new reality.  

The Webinar Program

On March 7, we organised the webinar ''Accelerating the heating transformation: Key insights from 17 Nordic district heating leaders navigating the new reality''. We discussed the importance of resilience, flexibility, and innovation in driving progress toward decarbonisation, and outlined five certainties about the future with 10 resilience-building best practices. The following speakers joined our CEO, Hervé Huisman, in the discussion and shared their insights: 

  • Bjørk Paamand Olsen shared the production transformation of E.ON Denmark and how they have achieved strong results by building multi-fuel capabilities through their diversified portfolio of heat sources. 

    Tom Diget presented how Viborg Varme is transforming its district heating network from a gas-fired operation to a nearly fully electrified heating system e-boiler, a heat accumulator, and three heat pumps.  

    • Timo Aaltonen, Senior Vice President, Energy Platform and Production Solutions at Helen

    Timo shared Helen's road to carbon neutrality, which involves the decarbonisation of electricity and heat production, the integral role that Data and AI play in the company’s roadmap, and how they use scenarios with a Digital Twin to support important decisions. 

The webinar also included a Q&A section, where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the industry leaders. The discussion covered such topics as the changing demands of energy consumers and the ways the district heating companies incorporate them, the role of digitalisation in driving efficiency gains, and the potential of district heating as a key enabler for the integration of renewable energy sources. 

The Gradyent webinar brought together over 180 district heating professionals from Europe to share their experiences and learn from each other, all with the aim of building a more efficient and decarbonised district heating system for a sustainable future. 

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