Gradyent Releases Market Research Report: Key Insights from Nordics

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Gradyent has released the Market Research Report titled "Accelerating the heating transformation: Key Insights from Nordic district heating leaders navigating the new reality." The report follows a well-attended webinar held in March, which drew over 180 district heating professionals from across Europe.

The Market Research Report offers a unique overview of the Nordic district heating sector, presenting valuable insights based on in-depth interviews with 17 district heating leaders from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. Among the interviewees are such companies as E.ON Denmark, Viborg Varme, Oulun Energia, Öresundskraft, Helen, and many more. By leveraging the experiences and expertise of these industry leaders, the report sheds light on the state of district heating in the Nordics.

The goal of the report

One of the main goals of the report is to identify key challenges faced by Nordic district heating companies and provide best practices for building the resilience of district heating systems.

Because of limited competition within the industry, the unique nature of district heating enables valuable lessons to be learned from one another. Recognising the importance of decarbonisation, with this report, Gradyent aims to foster knowledge-sharing among European district heating companies. Through collaboration and shared insights, these companies can inspire each other to address the crucial challenge of decarbonisation more efficiently.
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