Design and

District Heating grids are
transforming and decarbonizing

Networks are rapidly changing and need physical adjustments in order to:

  • Decarbonize with new sources.

    • Reduce dependency on natural gas as much as possible.

    • Ensure network growth as individual users switch from natural gas distribution to District Heating.

    • Keep up with constant maintenance needed for existing heating systems.

Making designs for the necessary changes is complex, often inaccurate and costly

  • Existing models take too much time to update.

    • These are often not real simulations but just manual designs.

    • No connection to actual data makes it unclear what the exact physical effects of the changes will be.

    • Line drawings are not able to capture the full dynamic non-linear complexity of a network.

    • Static simulations are complex to realise repeatedly and are only based on key figures.

    • Updating the models is expensive and time-consuming.

    • Engineers are occupied with building the simulation and have little to no time left

    • to take analysis and business impact into consideration.

    • Extracting business insights from static models is oversimplified.

Futureproof designs for your
District Heating grid need:

  • Accuracy.

    • Speed of simulation.

    • Quality and certainty of results.

    • Translation of simulation to business implication.

    • Assurance that designs have the right CAPEX.

    • Assessment of future OPEX.

Use our real-time Digital Twin
Platform to simulate what-if

Strengthen your business case by validating it with our automatically updated real-time Digital Twin Platform

Obtain critical insights into actual flows even for complex networks with many loops

Train your Digital Twin with historic and live network data

Do live what-if simulations for minor network adjustments such as new users or pipes

Make simulations for high-CAPEX investments such as new heat pumps or storages, with real network data

Our real-time Digital Twin
Platform is faster and more
cost-effective than legacy desktop modelling software

Always test new designs with live data

Automatically updated

Intuitive to use and no
specific experience needed

Let’s upgrade your District Heating grid

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