Issue detection and predictive maintenance

Current District Heating networks face several maintenance challenges

  • High maintenance costs. 

    • Delivery disruptions leading to customer complaints.

    • Detecting issues once it’s too late to resolve them. 

What action must be taken to resolve this?

  • Problems cannot be solved by simply increasing temperatures.

    • Doubt concerning the effect of taking action.

    • Not knowing where to start repairing and replacing the network, since it’s expensive.

Too many sources of information causing confusion

  • Rapidly growing number of sensors and alerts.

    • Different types of platforms: databases, scada platforms, IOT devices.

    • Difficulty knowing where to look and which incentives to follow.

Identify the underperforming
parts of your network
with a real-time digital twin

Our real-time Digital Twin Platform comprehensively oversees the state of your network and accurately detects issues

Find the cause for anomalies in your network

Make alerts smart and effective

Make alerts easier to set up and maintain

Better analyse alerts for predictive maintenance

More efficiently schedule maintenance and reduce costs

From all incoming data we can compute the actual state and show live:

  • Heat losses in the network

    • Large pressure drops

    • Low arrival temperatures that are too low

    • Possible rerouting to resolve bottlenecks

We include a vast amount of sensors and data types in our platform:

  • Pressure and temperature sensors at source locations

    • Sensors throughout the network, differential pressure measurements, live user data and billing data

    • Unique sensors like flow sensors and moisture tapes

Schedule effective maintenance by using data in our Digital Twin Platform:

  • Intuitive visualisation such as heat maps with efficiencies immediately reveal bottlenecks

    • Replay historic network states over time

    • View static information in both heat maps and pop-ups

Use our real-time
Digital Twin Platform to
keep your system robust

Acknowledge alerts and take effective action

Identify and
analyse issues

Schedule and track
maintenance action

Reporting before
and after

Let’s upgrade your District Heating grid

Ready to optimise, decarbonise or grow your grid? We would love to set up a call, a meeting or give you a personal demo of our real-time Digital Twin Platform.


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