District Heating systems are
transforming and User Performance
is becoming critically important

High temperatures and losses
Single / Few heat sources

Lower temperatures
Multiple, different types of sources

Users of District Heating
dictate temperature

District Heating
companies want to:

How do you maximise the
performance of your
heating customers?

  • How do you unlock and visualise user data?

    • How do you define actions with positive RoI?

    • How do you start with active user control?

    • How do you use data and controls to optimise the system end-to-end?

    • How do you get started? Where and when?

Integrate data and insights
in one platform to improve
your users performance

Create insight on heat demand
and heat transport in the
entire network

Visualization of all measurement points in a network; up to thousands of sensors in one real-time overview

Intuitive heat maps to quickly view bottlenecks and opportunities

Zoom in and compare user performance for temperature, flow and pressure

Live and historical analysis by full network replay mode

The Gradyent Digital Twin
captures all meter data in one
interactive intuitive visualization

View patterns and anomalies for the full network, revealing where and what to improve

Dedicated dashboards that support analyses of hundreds or thousands of users

The Digital Twin rates and optimizes each remotely controllable (user) substation individually in real-time, resulting in an optimal valve setpoint that can be used to improve total network performance.

Forward temperature analysis reveals under- or overheated or customers

Analysis on the heat flows in the entire network show which users can do with lower forward temperature, or where contractual obligations are at stake

Return temperature analysis shows bad delta T’s and bottlenecks

Studying delta T per user shows where performances are bad, causing large flows in the network, resulting pressure bottlenecks and low network efficiency

Live dashboards for each customer show which users are deteriorating the network efficiency

Automated identification of worst performing users

Deteriorating the full network performance.

Dashboards per individual user

That provides full detail over current and historic performance.

Benchmarking to other users

Of the same type and the averages of the full network.

Deliver actionable insights

for campaigns on improving return temperatures

Let’s upgrade your District Heating grid

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